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A pre-order store for Thousand Year Old Vampire's second printing.

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2 days ago – Wed, Aug 05, 2020 at 08:49:07 PM

Hi folks!

So Thousand Year Old Vampire won the three ENnies!  Gold awards for Best Rules, Best Production Values, and a silver for Product of the Year.  It's ridiculous and unlikely and thank you all!  The awards were based on a popular vote and that means that YOU made this happens and that's amazing.

If you want to watch the awards ceremony you can go to  My acceptance videos are at 1:13:17, then 1:39:50, then 1:47:45.  The first two are maybe worth watching, the third is not.

In other news, tell your buddies they can pre-order the next printing of TYOV at  I'll have a few copies of the first printing to sell after the warehouse unsnarls itself from a big warehouse-to-warehouse move.  

I'm going to upload a slightly improved PDF of the game to Backerkit soon, too.

Finally, you can get a prerelease version of Tales from the Gods here.  It's a TYOV hack by Axo Stories.  

Thank you all so much!

tim h

I'd Appreciate Your Help! Thousand Year Old Vampire
29 days ago – Thu, Jul 09, 2020 at 09:10:51 PM

Dear Thousand Year Old Vampire Supporter,

You’ve helped me make a book that is a hundred times better than I ever thought I would be able to manage.  Thank you so much!  Now, ingrate that I am, I've come to beg a favor!

I’m excited to say that Thousand Year Old Vampire has been nominated for three Ennie awards.  The Ennies are the biggest award in role-playing games, for better or worse, and I would like to win one.  Or three.  You can help me going to the Ennies site and voting for Thousand Year Old Vampire!

Voting is easy, there’s no registration or anything.  Just go to each of these links:

Product of the Year

Best Game Rules

Best Production Values

Find Thousand Year Old Vampire on the list, click the “No Vote” bar underneath it and change the selection to “1”.  Hit the black “vote” button at the bottom of the screen and you’re done!

There are other good games nominated for Ennies and I encourage you to look ‘em up!  I am especially excited about BFF!, MÖRK BORG (such good layout!), A Cool and Lonely Courage, and The Excellents.  Too many to list, really!

And here’s the straight talk:  I’ve never won a popularity contest in my life and I really don’t expect to win this one.  The competition is really good and many of the games are put out by savvy business folks with social media presences and fan bases and all that.  I don’t know how to do that stuff but I am giving you, the people who’ve bought and maybe played my game, a chance to weigh in on this.

Winning an Ennie will help me make more games, and that would be awesome.


Tim H

PS―Pre-orders are available for the second printing (identical but for error fixes and things) at

PPS––I’m going to give another nudge about this this week and I’m hoping to run a live stream game this Wednesday night.  I’ll send something else about that.

Lookit that face.  Who could say no to that little face?

Three ENNIE Nominations for Thousand Year Old Vampire!
about 1 month ago – Wed, Jul 01, 2020 at 01:20:30 AM

Thousand Year Old Vampire was nominated for Best Rules, Best Production Values, and Product of the Year!  I am completely astonished.

Thank you all so much for supporting this game and letting this happen!  

Thank you so much!

Social Justice Fundraiser PDF sales
2 months ago – Thu, Jun 04, 2020 at 10:10:34 AM

Hi Pals!

Tell your buddies that all Thousand Year Old Vampire PDF sales  (along with my other games) collected between June 1 and 8  will be donated to social justice causes.  I expect they'll go to the ActBlue bail funds network, to which I've already been able to donate $500.  

They need to buy through

I hope you are all well!

tim h

All Deliveries are Out, Another Kickstarter Coming Up
4 months ago – Mon, Apr 06, 2020 at 10:46:10 PM

Hi folks!  

I believe all the shipping for Thousand Year Old Vampire is in the mail!*  Lookit this glorious list:

It's so good to see!  If you don't have your package soon come find me.  

Left to do for Thousand Year Old Vampire:  Prison issue and an easy-to-read version.  I'm also going to make an EU-shipping-friendly version available as Print on Demand.

*Since grabbing that screenshot it has come to my attention that there is ONE known package that is hung up at the warehouse for no good reason.  I salute you, MrM, for being so patient and kind about it.


I have two games that were going to get a slow, fancy release but are suddenly appropriate for our shelter-at-home pandemic living so I'm rushing them out now by making them available as Print on Demand.  "Rush" is a bit of a misnomer because the book layouts have been done for over a year.  

Both games are "geosynchronous" (to misuse a noble word) games that are uniquely suited to our shelter-in-place situation.  By this I mean that you leave the game book and some crafting tools out in a place where interested parties can get at it all and anyone can play it at any time over days or weeks or months.  And we play both of these games by cutting, marking, and mutilating books!  Both are suitable for solo or infinite number of players.

Our Vacation is a game about a boring family trip.  Using a 'found' (though ethically harvested) vacation photo album as the basis for the game, players cut prompts out of the book itself to add to photographs, then use those prompts to write about that photograph.  The prompts are nouns taken from great road novels/films about the United States.

Here's a page spread from a section of the book that's been played a bit. 

 The other game is Cold War Navy.  It also works with a pre-existing photo album but in this case you draw in empty photo frames and write in annotations to change the context of the book as a whole.    

This is a worked through version of the book, that fancy house and fountain was drawn in by a player.  The empty white frame on the left page is waiting for something to be sketched in.

I'm rushing out 'alpha' versions of these to folks who want them 'for the duration'.  If you people like 'em we can do a nice reprint version later.  Part of the speedy-delivery trick is that you'll be getting a link that lets you order them directly from DriveThruRPG at cost, my guess is that you can get your goods by mid-May.  

Sign up here to keep posted and ask questions:

I'll also announce it here again and email the Thousand Year Old Vampire list!

High fives,

tim h