Thousand Year Old Vampire: A Roleplaying Game

Created by tim hutchings

A solo roleplaying game about the remorseless crush of memory over millennia. And vampires. Don't miss the add-ons down below, including some heavily discounted earlier projects.

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Upgrading your PDF to the book, credit
about 2 months ago – Thu, Aug 08, 2019 at 02:38:39 AM

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Backerkit Survey, a discount coupon, my doings
about 2 months ago – Thu, Aug 08, 2019 at 02:32:35 AM

Backerkit Surveys

Okay folks, the Backerkit surveys are going to go out today.  Or, at least, I'm hitting the button today and I assume they'll go out immediately.  Some of you have already received surveys because Backerkit requires a 'smoke test' where 10% of the emails go out.  This allows me and Backerkit time to fix any problems that might arise.  

For anyone new to this:  You have to fill out the Backerkit surveys so I know where to send your stuff.

When you are going through the Backerkit process you'll have the chance to buy additional games.  I marked down the marvelous Habitition of the Stone Giant Lord to $10.  This is my gift to you, because I think you're the best.  The Complete The Oracle is a very pretty hardback compilation of an 80s gaming fanzine with tons of 'behind the scenes' documents, and includes work from Sarah Doombringer (Bluebeard) and Erol Otus.  

There's also a fully playable secret prerelease deck of Apollo 47, a roleplaying game about being a little bored on the Moon.  That's $10, too, but you don't need the deck to play--just use that PDF I just linked for you.  This is more of a story game than a traditional RPG.

Oh, and those of you with tiny vampire hunter kits coming:  Those are done, they'll be sent separately after the books are mailed.


Spend $100+ on add-ons and additional shipping and you'll get $20 off your total order, but you MUST order a copy of the Habitition of the Stone Giant Lord.  

The coupon code is $20OFF$100WITHHABITITION

This coupon won't be around for forever and I might yank it when I come to my senses or start to sell out of certain stock.  Try to use it quick.  If you already filled out the survey you can amend the order to utilize the coupon.

Tim, Tell Us All About You

What?  No, you folks don't care.  Really you do?  Aw, that's so sweet!

I'd mentioned that there was a big to-do coming up in my life and it's arrived.  Next week I drive cross-country to Peoria, Illinois where I will take up a post teaching game design at Bradley University.  Isn't that wild?  Moving prep is a big part of what delayed this game.  

If you have any can't-miss used bookstores or scary museums or have other stuff to recommend between Oregon and Illinois please let me know.

Other news:

October 4-6 I hope to be at Archon in St. Louis.  Archon was my first game convention decades ago and I look forward to returning.  

October 10-13 I will be a guest at Big Bad Con near San Francisco.  I've never been but I'm incredibly excited to go!  I'm not sure what my guest responsibilities are but I'm pretty sure I'm legally required to dispense high fives to all you backers.

November 7-10 I will be at Metatopia in New Jersey.  Metatopia is my happiest-place-on-Earth, I think.  it's a convention about playtesting games, which is ridiculous and wonderful.

How You Can Help A Thousand Year Old Vampire

1.  I want to introduce the book to new people.  If you have friends who do reviews or podcasts or actual plays or whatever please point them at the game!    

2.  Invite me to be a guest at your local convention or university!  I'm really good at that sort of thing.  

3.  Buy add-ons.  I'm money-afeared right now and if you want some of my things we'll both do well if you buy 'em.

4.  Ask your local game store to stock the book.  They can buy it wholesale through the Blackbox network.

5.  Tell me about your experiences playing the game.  Your enthusiasm is why I'm here.

Thank you all for giving me this chance to make this thing.

-tim h

Ignore this update
about 2 months ago – Thu, Aug 08, 2019 at 01:47:40 AM

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Backer Surveys are coming soon
about 2 months ago – Fri, Aug 02, 2019 at 09:35:23 PM

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Another PDF preview. And not a vampire curse, just a regular Kickstarter curse
3 months ago – Mon, Jun 17, 2019 at 10:54:15 AM

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